How to analyse sports betting

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Let us now see what information can be obtained by analysing the above mentioned variables step by step.

1. Look at the standings


It is important, especially if we are in the final part of a season, to know in which position both teams are ranked. In general, teams tend to perform better in the second half of the season, regardless of their position, because they are running out of games to reach their goal.

This fact is particularly noticeable in teams in or near the relegation zone, where we have seen cases in which relegated teams managed to win against the top three, when in the first round, for example, they were totally beaten.

2. Consult home and away results

With the exception of the top teams and, perhaps, some teams where having their fans against them due to certain circumstances makes them play in a bad atmosphere, practically all football teams tend to get better results at home and worse away.

Therefore, when it comes to betting it is key to know who is playing at home and what results they are getting against all types of teams. The same goes for the away side.

3. Study the dynamics of both teams

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This variable is closely related to the previous one and makes us focus on how both teams are coming into the match, what results they have obtained in the last few games both at home and away.

This data allows us to trace a team dynamic, which not only affects the way each team prepares and faces the match, but also gives us a glimpse of how they are likely to react when they find themselves ahead on the scoreboard, have a player sent off or find themselves with the score against them early on.

4. Check H2H. The direct duel

Another key factor to take into account is the H2H, the results that have been given when they have faced each other and that, in many cases, do not coincide with the dynamics or the situations of one and the other at that time. That is to say, two teams can arrive in a contrasting situation in the standings and with totally different results, but when they play each other, the matches are usually very evenly matched.

5. Pay attention to our feelings

To know how to bet on football you have to watch football, especially in those competitions in which we are going to focus our predictions, because although the numbers and statistics are the key part when making a prediction (and for this it is not necessary to watch the match), the icing on the cake for a good analysis is provided by our intuition, which we must train and develop by watching matches and getting to know the squads and players.

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