Definition of Surbets

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A surebet is made with the aim of increasing the odds, as it involves betting on all the possible options of the same sporting event. 

In this way, if one option fails, we can recover a certain amount of what we have lost with what the success of the other options gives us.

In this case, the success of a surebet lies in the mispricing of a bookmaker for a given sporting event, i.e. offering an odds that does not accurately reflect the percentage of that event happening and, therefore, the odds are higher than they should be.

Surebet 2, 3 or 4 outcomes

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The easiest thing to do is to try and look for sports events with 2 selections, as these are where surebets are most likely to occur. However, in events with 3 or more possibilities there are also options to find surebets, although to a lesser extent.

Limitations on Surebets

Just because a bet is referred to as a ‘surebet’ does not mean that it is a safe sports bet and does not carry a risk. There are certain circumstances that can block a surebet.

Blocking the bet

Because surebets are errors in the bookmaker’s estimation, bookmakers do not allow this type of practice to be carried out on an ongoing basis. Therefore, if they detect that the user is taking advantage of it, they can block the bet or even ban the user’s account.

Updating of odds and disappearance of surebets

Bookmakers are usually updating the odds values constantly and every so often. Therefore, in the time it may take a user to place 2 bets to place a surebet, it is possible that the values of those odds no longer offer the conditions to be a surebet, losing the opportunity to place the bet with those 2 bets.

Anomalous circumstances in the event

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Whether due to injury or circumstances beyond the control of the game, it is possible that in some cases the bet may be cancelled, depending on the conditions set by the bookmaker. If the surebet is suspended, the surebet would be left without a prediction and would no longer be as reliable.

How to find Surebets

There are several ways to find surebets in sports betting, some of them more risky but with a higher probability of success, and others simpler and quicker but involving more risk.


This is the most complicated and time-consuming method of finding surebets, as it requires the user to apply various mathematical calculations to establish whether a bet is a surebet and, subsequently, to apply a mathematical formula to establish the stake to bet on each outcome.


Here it would be necessary to make use of the service of some companies who, in exchange for a monthly payment, provide the location of surebets and the estimation of the stake that must be bet to get them.

Formula for calculating Surebets

To identify a surebet it is necessary to calculate the spread to determine the probability of each event. Let’s look at the formula to be applied first:

PROBABILITY = [(1/odds) * 100].

With this formula we will calculate the percentage of a certain event happening. If the sum of all the possible options is less than 100%, then we will have a negative spread and, therefore, we will have a surebet.

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